Kharazmi’s 8th Nationwide Managers Conference


The eighth conference of Kharazmi Investment Group Managers inaugurated in Shiraz on Wednesday February 15, 2017 with a speech by Dr. Hojatollah Saydi, the Group Managing Director.

Presents were board members, deputy managers and managing directors of all affiliated companies in the conference.

Revisiting, reviewing and revaluating the strategic plan of Kharazmi Investment Group in the second half of the Iranian year 1392 (March 21, 2013- March 20, 2014), Dr. Saydi announced that “Kharazmi Investment Company had an asset of 1100 billion Tomans and a profit of 190 billion tomans in that year. According to the 7-year strategic plan, the figures are expected to reach 33,000 billion Toman (equal to 0.5 percent of GDP) and 8500 billion Tomans respectively in 1399 (2020-21)

A survey conducted among managers of Kharazmi Investment Company and its affiliates on the implementation mechanisms of the 7-year strategic plan, revealed the effect of uncontrollable environmental factors to be only about 30 percent.

Stating that the approach of the 7-year strategic plan was semi-concentrated, he noted: “On the threshold of the fourth year of the plan we are in our best times of activity. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there are no shortcomings or challenges but that our objective is to be progressive, resolute and focused.”

 Noting that the Kharazmi Group owns assets worth six thousand billion Tomans, Dr. Saydi said one of the strategic plan pivots was to join the list of 100 pioneer companies of Iran. To this end Kharazmi Investment Company was rated as 71th in the 1394 (2015/2016) ranking.

 Emphasizing the need for a diagnostic approach to the strategic plan in each specialized panels, he urged all participants to express their views without any hesitation and as transparent as possible.

Dr. Seyed Asghar Ibn-Alrasoul, deputy managing director for planning and development was the second speaker at the conference. He posed the question of, “Where are we standing?” Noting that “without a vision no action would make sense”,  he added. “Numerous creditable companies in various corners of the world have faced defeat despite holding proper objectives and plans; simply because they lacked strategic monitoring.

Meanwhile, the first specialized panel of the Kharazmi Conference in Shiraz was held Wednesday morning under the theme “Kharazmi Path, Vision, Dynamisms, Continuity”. The panel was attended by Dr. Behzad Abolalaei, (faculty member of Iran Industrial Management Organization); DR.  M.H. Vasefi, Managing Director of Sina Darou Laboratories (LPP); Mr. Alireza Eslami, Managing Director of Sepehr Power & Energy Development Company (LLP); Mr. Mohammad Zarkesh, member of Board of Directors of Sadr Jahan Mining Development Company (Pvt), and Mr. Alireza Mousavi Hasab, member of board of directors of Kharazmi Management development company.

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