Kharazmi Group Honors 20th Year of Foundation


Ceremonies were held to mark the 20th year of the foundation of Kharazmi Investment Company under the theme “twenty years of sustainable generation of wealth for the generations.”

Dr. Hojatollah Saydi, Managing Director of Kharazmi Investment Company, speaking at the ceremony which was attended by family members of the staff of Kharazmi Investment Company, referred to the new achievements of Kharazmi Investment Company and praised the unsparing efforts of all the colleagues, including the managers and experts as well as real and legal shareholders in line with growth and promotion of the company.

Emphasizing on the aims of the seven-year plan of Kharazmi Investment Company, Dr. Saydi said: “No doubt accomplishing the targets in this plan would be indebted to continuation of magnanimous efforts of the respectful colleagues and cooperation and trust of the prominent shareholders.”

At the ceremony, while honoring the families of the martyrs present among the colleagues, the wives and children of the present colleagues received gifts.

Recitation of poems by Javad Zehtab, the satirist poet of Isfahan, and performance of music were among other programs at the ceremony.

Kharazmi Investment Company started its operation in 1376 (1997-98) with a capital of 100 billion rials. The company now has an asset of over 60 thousand billion rials and is active in different fields of the economy, including banking and financial services, energy, mining, information technology, medicine, construction and housing, insurance and commercial affairs in compliance with realization of the strategic theme: “generation of sustainable wealth for the generations.”

Kharazmi Group last year was among 100 top companies in Iran and one of the 10 leading companies of the country in terms of sales.