Kharazmi Investment Group published its English Annual Report for 2016-17


This year’s English annual report reflects on the performance of Kharazmi Investment Group for the fiscal year 2016/17 (ending June 20, 2017).

The report focuses on introducing capabilities and potentials for the development of domestic and international activities of the Kharazmi Investment Group and emphasizes on better introducing both the Iranian market and Kharazmi Investment Group as a professional and capable partner in developing potential business opportunities in Iran.

KIC’s English annual report aims to elaborate and explain the Group activities during the fourth year of the implementation of the KIC’s “7-Year Strategic Plan”. In fact, it provides comprehensive details on those subsidiaries that are well known to be the Market Leader in their own industries, referring to development and investment opportunities in areas such as Pharmaceuticals, Generation of large scale cleaner and more efficient Electrical Power and the expansion of Small Scale Electrical Power Plants (up to 25 Mega Watts). Additionally, the report targets foreign interested investors and provides prospects and opportunities exist within the Group’s precious metals Mining Development Company, Sadr e Jahan, and Oil-Gas & Petrochemical Company, Zeima Co.

The report published through collective efforts of several departments including Investment and Development, International Affairs Division, Public Relation Department and KIC’s affiliated companies (Public Joint Stock).

In his “CEO” message, Dr. Saydi, underlined the realization of the company’s goals and objectives despite the difficulties of the domestic and international economy in this fiscal year. Further, in his statements, Dr. Saydi, discusses optimism in the rise in the ranking of the Group’s standing amongst the top “100 leading companies in Iran”, diligently pursuing the Group’s corporate social responsibility and tremendous potential development opportunities and capacities in the energy (electricity, oil, gas and petrochemicals), mining, pharmaceuticals, information and communication technology (ICT) and international financial services. Focusing on the 300 million strong consumer market in the Middle East as the Group’s immediate target market, Dr. Saydi hints plans to establish footprint and expand activities into Europe, the Far East and Australia.

In its International Strategy article, Kharazmi Investment Company attempts to persuade foreign investors to consider Kharazmi Group as one of the most qualified partner who can effectively assist all stakeholders to identify, assess and minimize or cover “Iran’s Risk”. For introducing the Group to the international markets, Kharazmi Investment Company has been publishing its English annual performance report with special emphasis on the content and graphic structure, in accordance with the global industry standards, in language.

Note: a digital version of this report can be downloaded here