Monitoring Survey of Kharazmi 7-Year Strategic Plan at Fourth Kharazami’s Nationwide Managerial Conference

The 4th nationwide conference of managers of Kharazmi Investment Group was opened on Wednesday, January 28, 2015 in the presence of over 70 senior managers of Kharazmi Group, CEOs and members of Board of Directors of all companies of the group. The conference was inaugurated by an address delivered by Dr. Hojatollah Saydi, CEO and Vice Chairman of Kharazmi Investment Group in the city of Kerman. In his speech, Dr. Saydi emphasized that the phased   goals of the 7-year strategic plan of Kharazmi Group for the first year of the implementation of the plan had been achieved.
Dr. Hassan Dargahi, an economist; Mr. Masoud Khansari, member of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture; Dr. Saeed Jamshidifard, Vice-Chairman of Supreme Council of Iranian Association of Certified Public Accountants; Dr. Mahmoudi Mozafar, psychologist and faculty member; and Dr. Karim Afshar, faculty member at Imam Khomeini (RA) International University were the speakers of the two-day conference.
Dr. saydi said that one year has passed since the first conference of Kharazmi Group’s managers and introduction of the 7-year strategic plan of the Group. He added that according to the plan, the primary mission of the company centered on the pivotal Ethos “Sustainable Wealth Creation for Generations.”
The CEO of Kharazmi Investment Company further remarked: “Based on the 7-year strategic plan, Kharazmi Group will have an asset of value more than 337 thousand billion IRR Rls (about $10 billion and equivalent of 1% of GDP) and will have more than 85,800 billion IRR Rls of net income for its stakeholders in the fiscal year ended to 1399 (March 2019 – March 2020).”
According to the official, the quarterly conference of Kharazmi Group managers is aimed at guaranteeing realization of such targets.
Dr. saydi added: “In these conferences we try to review possible problems in order to take the next steps more resolutely. Also, we are duty bound to promote the group and its subsidiary companies in terms of knowledge and information. Therefore, these conferences are considered a tool for improvement of quality of an efficient management for the group.”
He also reported that targets of the first year of implementation of the strategic plan of Kharazmi Investment Group have been realized. Such a reality resulted in the successful holding out of the General Annual Meeting of Kharazmi Investment Company.
Dr. saydi noted: “This success has been achieved at a time that the economy was faced with stagflation, yet Kharazmi Group set a satisfactory performance and could make a fair amount of Dividends which was distributed among shareholders.”
It should be noted that the first conference of Kharazmi Investment Group was held in Shiraz in February 2014, the second in Mashhad in June 2014 and the third in Tabriz in September 2014.
Promotion of cooperation level and synergy for realization of phased goals of the 7-year strategic plan and assisting to improve the level of awareness and specialized knowledge of managers in fields related to the company plans are among the aims of holding out the quarterly conferences of Kharazmi Group managers.