Risk Management

Kharazmi Investment Company takes a robust approach to identifying, evaluating, monitoring and mitigating key risks. And whilst we have for some time been protected from the rigors of the global marketplace, we are now working hard to align risk management practice with international standards. To this aim, in 2014 we established a new Risk Office, charged with defining, developing, implementing and overseeing effective risk management policies and processes across the Group.

Responsibilities of the Risk Office
• Identify, understand and assess risks
• Develop Group risk management policies in line with best-practice
• Evaluate the efficacy of risk management methods and procedures
• Promote and nurture a risk-aware culture across the Group

Risk Management Framework

The Board is responsible for setting overall strategic direction, and for determining the appropriate balance between risk-taking and generating shareholder returns. The Board is supported by the Risk Committee, Audit Committee and the Risk Office, which reports directly to the CEO. Together, these bodies form an effective framework with clearly defined responsibilities for the assessment and management of risk.