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Kharazmi Investment Group published its English Annual Report for 2016-17 - 2018/02/14

This year’s English annual report reflects on the performance of Kharazmi Investment Group for the fiscal year 2016/17 (ending June 20, 2017).

Another step taken for gold extraction - 2017/12/02

An agreement for full (100 percent) financing of the project of building a factory for processing Shadan gold and copper has been signed between “Karand Sadr Jahan” Company and a consortium consisting of the two Chinese companies of “Citic” and “Xinhai” and the Iranian “MIM Team”. Based on preliminary estimates, the value of the agreement is 48 million euros.

Iran Receives First Round of Post-Sanctions Finance from European Banks - 2017/09/23

n what were the first finance deals clinched with cautious European banks after the implementation of the nuclear accord provided sanctions relief in January 2016, Iran signed two agreements worth a total of €1.5 billion ($1.8 billion) with Austria's Oberbank and Denmark's Danske Bank on Thursday.

$10b Chinese Finance for Iran, More in the Pipeline - Update - 2017/09/16

Five Iranian banks have jointly signed a finance deal worth $10 billion with CITIC Trust, a Chinese state-owned investment company, to fund development projects in Iran.

Kharazmi Investment Group Directors Convene in Urmia for 9th Conference - 2017/08/28

Northwestern city of Urmia (West Azarbaijan Province) on the closing days of the month of Mordad (mid August) was host to the 9th Conference of the Directors of Kharazmi Investment Group which was attended by active directors and experts of the Group.

Sina Darou on the Path of Growth - 2017/08/13

Sina Darou Laboratories Company (public joint stock) announced a17.55% growth in the past fiscal year.

Four Mining Achievements of Kharazmi Group in 2016-2017 - 2017/08/12

Shadan gold mines have been granted the discovery certificate for 5.6 Metric tons of gold, however new drillings attest to the availability of more than twice; therefore Sadr Jahan Mines Development Company intends to present new evidence and documents to the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade in the near future. Sadr Jahan Mines Development Company (private limited) is one of the companies affiliated to Kharazmi Investment Company (public joint stock).

Profitability of “Niroo Parse” in Two Consecutive Years - 2017/08/12

Niroo Parse Power Plant Production and Development Company (private limited) was a profitable company for the second consecutive year since its inception.

Kharazmi Group Honors 20th Year of Foundation - 2017/08/02

Ceremonies were held to mark the 20th year of the foundation of Kharazmi Investment Company under the theme “twenty years of sustainable generation of wealth for the generations.”

“Vakharazm” among 50 More Active Companies of TSE - 2017/08/01

Shares of the Kharazmi Investment Company (public joint stock company) which is traded at Tehran Stock Exchange under “Vakharazm” transaction symbol on the main board of the first market of TSE, in the latest list of updated 50 more active companies of TSE for the first quarter of 1396 (March 20 – June 20, 2017), has been placed among the 50 more active companies of TSE.

Iranian Gas Finally Starts Flowing Into Iraq - 2017/06/24

Iran commenced the supply of natural gas to Iraq via a pipeline, a deputy at the National Iranian Oil Company said late Wednesday.

22 Iranian Banks Link Up With Oberbank - 2017/06/13

Banking ties with two major Austrian banks are being established, with Iranian banks establishing 22 correspondent relations only with Oberbank, the governor of the Central Bank of Iran said.

Monetary Discipline on CBI Agenda - 2017/03/07

A senior official of the Central Bank of Iran outlined past and future measures of President Hassan Rouhani's government in line with the implementation of Resistance Economy principles and the beneficial effects of Iran's nuclear deal with world powers on the economy.

Rouhani Sees Market Stability as Signature Achievement - 2017/02/28

President Hassan Rouhani described the restoration of market stability after a period of upheaval as the biggest achievement of his nearly four-year tenure that will end in August.

Iran’s Global Steel Ranking Improves - 2017/02/23

Iranian steel mills produced 1.52 million tons of crude steel in January, registering an 11.3% growth compared with last year’s similar month.

Kharazmi’s 8th Nationwide Managers Conference - 2017/02/15

The eighth conference of Kharazmi Investment Group Managers inaugurated in Shiraz on Wednesday February 15, 2017 with a speech by Dr. Hojatollah Saydi, the Group Managing Director.

Shiraz to Host 8th Kharazmi Nationwide Managers Conference - 2017/02/07

Kharazmi Investment Company will convene its 8thConference of Nationwide Managers in Shiraz on February 14 - 16 with an aim to monitor its seven year strategic plan.

In a Big Jump ,Kharazmi holding acquired ranking of 71st place by IMI - 2017/01/30

kharazmi investment company has jumped to the 71st place from 107th in recent ratings, conducted by Industrial Management Institute of Iran (IMI – 100).

Kharazmi Investment Company Releases its Annual Report in English - 2017/01/21

The Annual Report of Kharazmi Investment Company (Public Joint Stock) for the fiscal year 2015/2016 has been published in English.

In the 26th Annual Conference of Ophthalmology Association; Two New Single Dose Products of Sina Darou Introduced - 2017/01/20

The Sina Darou Laboratories Company in the 26th annual conference of Ophthalmology Association, hosted 500 ophthalmologists.

Monitoring Survey of Kharazmi 7-Year Strategic Plan at Fourth Kharazami’s Nationwide Managerial Conference - 2017/01/18

The 4th nationwide conference of managers of Kharazmi Investment Group was opened on Wednesday, January 28, 2015 in the presence of over 70 senior managers of Kharazmi Group, CEOs and members of Board of Directors of all companies of the group.

South Korea's Daelim Wins $2b Iran Refinery Project - 2016/12/31

The National Iranian Oil Company and South Korea's construction conglomerate Daelim Industrial Company have reached an agreement to cooperate on improving oil refining facilities in Isfahan Province.

Boeing Signs $16.6b Deal for 80 Passenger Jets - 2016/12/22

Flag carrier Iran Air signed a final contract in Tehran on Sunday to purchase 80 passenger jets from American plane manufacturer Boeing.

Swiss Banks Urged to Increase Iran Business - 2016/12/20

Banks in Switzerland could seize the opportunity of playing a leading role in financing investment projects in Iran, President Hassan Rouhani’s chief of staff said in a meeting with members of Swiss Bankers Association on Thursday.

Shahid Bahonar Port Operations Increase - 2016/12/15

Exports from Shahid Rajaie Port in southern Iran amounted to 5.3 million tons worth more than $1.6 billion during the eight months to November 21, registering a 47% and 33% increase in weight and value respectively, the director general of the port’s Customs Office announced.

Budget Shrinks 4.6pct - 2016/12/13

President Hassan Rouhani will ask for a smaller budget from the parliament for next year. The government is rolling back its expenses in appreciation of economic realities.

US Easing Medical, Agro Exports to Iran - 2016/12/11

The US Treasury Department unveiled new regulations on Dec. 22, which make it easier for pharmaceutical, medical device and agricultural sectors to more easily sell their products in the 80-million-strong Iranian market.

Iran, Bulgaria sign agreement in Tehran - 2016/12/06

Senior officials with the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization of Iran and University of Library Studies and Information Technologies of Bulgaria inked an agreement on bilateral cooperation.

Stock Options Unveiled at TSE - 2016/11/29

Stock options were unveiled for the first time on Tehran Stock Exchange on Sunday.

Kharazmi Advancing in Compliance with Strategic Plan - 2016/11/22

The city of Tabriz in East Azarbaijan Province was host to the 7th Conference of Kharazmi Investment Group in the presence of managers and experts of the company on the 13th day of Mordad (August 3).